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Haibike in the grass

Service and Repair

Purchasing an eBike is an investment.  We want to help you preserve your investment by providing many maintenance options for you to keep your bike in top-notch shape.  While we specialize in eBike service, we are also skilled in servicing non-electric bicycles as well.  Please reach out to us for additional information and to schedule a service appointment.

eBike Safety Check


*Adjust torque setting on stem, handlebar, and crank bolts

*Adjust torque setting on brake and shift lever bolts

*Adjust torque setting on seat and seat post hardware

*Check quick release skewers for proper use
Inspect all cables for wear, lube chain, and inflate tires

Standard eBike Tune Up


*eBike Safety Check

*Frame cleaned and wiped down

*Brakes and derailleurs adjusted

*Wheels trued and cleaned

*All bearings adjust (headset, bottom bracket, etc)

Deluxe eBike Tune Up

$175 & up

*Standard eBike Tune Up

*Complete removal, degreasing, and cleaning of drivetrain

*Complete reinstall and lubrication of drivetrain

*Frame detailing

*Wheels trued and cleaned

*Battery Diagnostics

*Electronic components examined, firmware updated if needed

Brake Service


*Inspect all connector points for cable damage or leaks

*Remove and inspect brake pads for unnecessary material and wear

*Clean dirt and dust from brake calipers

*Remove any air and contaminated oil from brake lines (Hydraulic Brakes)

*Inspect cable stretch and adjust as needed (Mechanical Brakes)

Battery Diagnostics


*Battery Capacity Test

*Battery Load Test

*Battery Voltage Output Test

Custom Build


*Expert Custom eBike Design

*Custom eBike Motor, Controller, Battery Build

*Custom Display Programming

* Custom Frame Paint